Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Facebook bans breastfeeding pics

The Globe and Mail has a story on how Facebook is banning pictures of mothers who breastfeed. Leaving aside the whole meta-Facebook argument, I don't see why Facebook has its panties up in such a bunch.

Sure they are an American company, and sure they are even more prudish then Canadians, but get a grip. I am of the camp that breastfeeding is a perfectly natural, normal thing. If a women wants to breastfeed in the mall, the library, or post her pictures on Facebook for her friends and family to see, let her. Who cares, its her privacy, let her violate it herself. Breastfeeding is not of a sexual natural, so we shouldn't stigmatize it.

Breasts are not our enemy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Last words on the Senate

Yes, I know, old news. But hey, it's the holidays. I am busy eating turkey, ragout, and other tasty treats from both sides of the Ottawa River.

I am honesty torn on the Conservative's appointment of these 18 new Senators, Stephen Harper has clearly gone back on his word on this issue. No one can deny this.

Prior to the 18 appointments, Stephen Harper has appointed only two other senators to the red chamber:
  • Michael Fortier (to represent Montreal in the Cabinet)
  • Bert Brown (elected senator-in-waiting from Alberta)
One was elected as a senator-in-waiting, though Fortier wasn't. Fortier did however run in the next election, and he ran in a riding that was have been almost in possible for him to win. No safe riding for him. So at least kudos for that.

Should Harper have appointed 18 new Conservative Senators to the Senate while government was prorogued? Should Harper have broken his word and appointed these unelected Senators to the yet to be reformed Senate?

No, he shouldn't have, but he has every right to have done so. He should have attempted one more time to bring about some limited reforms to the Senate, he could have used the threat of his appointing Senators if that last attempted failed.

Now I know there are lots of arguments in favour of these appointments, the two main ones being:
  • If we don't do it, then the coalition will, and they might appoint a separatist.
  • The Senate isn't functioning well, there are not enough Conservative Senators to sit in on the committees.
The first argument is childish, and weak. Two wrongs don't make a right. I also doubt either the Bloc or the NDP would have had Senators appointed. The NDP and the Bloc are completely opposed to the Senate, and have (for all intents and purposes) ex-communicated the one NDP senator ever appointed. It would not have happened. The second argument is better, and is at least based in reality. A well functioning senate is important, in my opinion the senate's committees work much better then those in the lower house. And they are much less partisan.

So the Goverment's arguments in favour of appointments are weak, and I am not a supporter of this blatant promise breaking by Harper, so this must mean I am a secret coalition lover...or something. Just to set the record straight, no I am not. Now the opposition arguments against the appointments are weak and pathetic as well.

The NDP argued that the government shouldn't have appointed the senators, and doing so only shows they don't care about the economy. WTF? Dear NDP, the government needs to juggle more then one ball to be effective. The rest of the government cannot grind to a halt just because of the economy. Would the NDP have said these same comments if the government announced some more crown land being marked as federal park land to protect it from development? No, I don't think so. The other common NDP argument against the appointments was the cost of having these senators, I forget the exact amount, but it was something like 50 million in pay and perks over their 8 year term. Of course we would have saved 240 million+ over the same 8 years had the NDP joined the Conservatives in getting rid of public subsidies for political parties.

The NDP arguments against are silly.

The Liberals argue that Harper is out of line for appointing these Senators while the goverment is prorogued. They argue some claptrap about being in a constitutional greyzone. They are completely wrong on this point.

But according to a constitutional expert, Harper isn't out of line in making the appointments.

"Absolutely, unreservedly so, there are no limitations on his appointment powers," said Peter Woolstencroft, a political science professor at the University of Waterloo, in an interview with CTV Newsnet.

Both main opposition parties completely fail in their arguments against the Senate appointments. Is it really any wonder how the Conservatives manage to out think, out play, and out last the opposition parties? The worse thing is we can expect more of the same in 2009 as 8 more senators retire.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If you use Internet Explorer, read this now

The "zero-day" vulnerability, which came to light last week, allows criminals to take over victims' machines simply by steering them to infected Web sites; users don't have to download anything for their computers to get infected, which makes the flaw in Internet Explorer's programming code so dangerous. Internet Explorer is the world's most widely used Web browser.

While the exploits and patches for Microsoft patches have been reduced greatly over the past year or two, there are still way too many.

This is why I use Firefox, and to some extent Chrome.

Don't use IE!

When idiots speak

Thanks Daimnation for posting this and making me laugh out loud. Props to you sir!

For those of you who are not sure what a "Flight Sergeant" is, it is basically the air equivalent of the army's "Warrant Officer". In the Royal Canadian Air Cadets to be a "Flight Sergeant" you need to meet the following requirements:
  • complete at least six months satisfactory service at the substantive rank of Sgt;
  • successfully complete proficiency level 4 of the LHQ training program; and
  • preferably have successfully completed an Advanced Specialty Summer Course;

As you can easily see above, these qualifications do make you an expert in aerial warfare.

You know, I retired as the "Commanding Officer" of my army cadet corps back in the day. I think that makes me qualified to lead the next rotation in Afghanistan. If not, well, at least a senate seat.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Detroit 3: DNR

Over the past few days the pundits and analysts have taken to using medical terms to describe the bailouts for the Detroit 3 automakers. Or as I am starting to call them, the "Beggar Three".

"This report says that Canada is better off providing life-support to GM and Chrysler, because the demise of auto in Canada is the economic equivalent of a nuclear freeze, with catastrophic effects that would knock us into a deep recession," Bryant said Tuesday.

"We are talking about CPR, literally, CPR for a company to avoid it from going under and causing a chain of events that would be catastrophic to the economy."

Perhaps invoking medical terms is meant to bring out an emotional response?

Well, I think the beggar three need to have a big ol'DNR tattooed to their chests. If they croak, they croak. Whatever governments do, do not resuscitate them. Bad corporate decisions should not be alleviated with taxpayer dollars. Auto bailouts don't exactly have a track record of success either, at least when they were attempted in Great Britain in the seventies and eighties.

Instead of giving billions to companies that are failing, partly subsidized by you and I, and partly subsidized by actual successful companies focus on
  • EI program improvements
  • Skills training
  • etc
not industry specific bailouts. Where will it end? Forestry? Fishery? Mining? Perhaps with falling oil prices, the tarsands?

I also don't really believe in that 582,000 job loss figure either. It doesn't make sense. It only makes sense if everyone stops buying cars when/if the big three go down.

The big three sell (which aren't even the big three anymore) about 750,000 (estimate based on car and truck sales from June 08 rounded down a lot) cars and trucks in Canada every year. Someone will have to make these cars if they big three go belly up. That means the successful companies like Toyota will have to start to make more cars, they will need to hire more people to build these cars. The plants and the people are here in Canada and in the US, they will hire most of these people back.

I agree that there will be a lot of short term pain, but I can't see how prolonging the pain is any better. Some of these people will need to retrain regardless of a bailout, might as well start now. Ontario needs to diversify it's economy to survive long term, might as well start now. I agree it can seem cold hearted, but it is required.

DNR the Detroit Three. Don't bailout incompetence, job guarantees are meaningless if the company itself dies in a year or two anyway.

One small step for Danny, one big step for Communism?

Danny Williams expropriates the hydroelectric assets, water and timber rights of AbitibiBowater Inc. This move is surely to cool anyone wanting to invest in NFLD.

Under the legislation, all of AbitibiBowater's assets except for its pulp and paper mill in the central Newfoundland town will be owned by Nalcor, a recently established provincial Crown corporation. Those assets include dams and power stations.

What the heck? Does Danny expect to run a mill as a crown corporation? A mill that has been described as the most expensive one in North America?

And it typical Danny arrogance, Danny may negotiate with AbitibiBowater for the value of the hydro-electric assets, but maybe not. Perhaps Danny the Dictator will just decide what it's worth himself and sign a cheque telling them to get lost? Or perhaps he will give them nothing? You never know with Comrade Danny.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephen Harper sans bloopers

You can watch Stephen Harper on CTV Atlantic here and here.

I wonder where the blooper reel is where Stephen Harper has to have the question repeated back to him several times.

Oh wait, you won't. Stephen Harper has a plan, and a vision for Canada. Even if you don't agree with him or his vision, you have to agree he knows where he wants to go.

Bullets, not shoes

Good thing this man didn't have a gun.

The Secret Service were pretty slow in responding I would say. Anyway, alls well that ends well.

Smarter and more progressive eh?

Quebec has long been held up as model for the rest of Canada. They are supposedly smarter, more progressive, more environmentally aware, more politically savvy etc. Well, most of that is now nothing but hogwash.

According to a new survey, 70% of Quebecers don't even know how our system of government even works.

Overall, the survey found the lowest levels of knowledge in Quebec -- 70 per cent of Quebecers, for example, wrongly believe Canadians directly elect the prime minister. Only 35 per cent of Atlantic Canadians made that mistake.

This survey also smashes the oft heard argument that Quebecers supported the coalition in such numbers because they alone new how the government was supposed to work. Since they were so intellectually superior.

Well my friends, it seems that Quebecers support the coalition not because they supposedly knew how the system was supposed to work (they didn't). They supported the coalition because they knew they would be bribed repeatedly to support it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Clearly inconsistent

NDP talking points about the 18 appointments to the Senate are clearly inconsistent. While they do talk about their opposition to the Senate as a whole, they also talk about the cost of this.

The NDP talk about the increased costs of filling these 18 seats, and how it would save six million dollars each and every year. But, when it comes to saving thirty million dollars each and every year in the form of political party subsidies, the NDP would band together with separatists to save their subsidies.

Clearly inconsistent, clearly NDP.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do you think it's izzy to stay consistent?

Well, I guess we can no longer use this line everyday when talking about the Liberals. Too bad.

Newly anointed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has smashed his own credibility in the very first interview he did.

"Those are appropriate subjects for us to talk about, but I made it clear that I don't want to get into secret negotiations or back-door deals," said Ignatieff, who was appointed by the Liberal party's national executive on Wednesday to replace Stéphane Dion.

Uhm, OK.

Ignatieff said he also spoke briefly with NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe on Wednesday and informed them that he "saw no reason" to renegotiate the coalition agreement made by his predecessor Dion.

Iggy this is exactly what your beloved Liberal party did. They entered into secret negotiations with the party that would destroy the economy, and the party that would destroy the country. Secret negotiations. In Canada. We're not allowed to make this up.

So I call in Iggy to renounce this coalition negotiated in secrecy, behind closed doors with both the separatists, and the socialists. Democracy only flourishes in the light. Sorry Iggy, you just lost credibility.

Renounce the coalition, demand the Governor General to call an election should the government fall. You're not afraid to plead your case with the public are you?

Polls got you scared?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lessons Learned

In a previous post about annoying, and near continuous fundraising emails many readers were surprised by my annoyance at this, and my desire to see a more conciliatory Conservative government.

They mentioned that the Conservatives were better then the Liberals. (doh)
They mentioned the the Prime Minister's role was to advance the Conservative's agenda. And they mentioned that part of the Prime Minister's role is to defeat his political opponents.

Prime Minister's role is to govern the country in the best interests of Canadians, doing his best to look out for everyone. Of course he is a Conservative, and will propose Conservative ideas. That I agree with. And I agree with cutting the subsidy, but it is a minority government, and we have to be aware of that.

The impetus of this coalition was the fundraising debacle in the economic update. Had the government proposed to phase out the subsidy rather then cut it out cold turkey this whole thing might have been avoided.

This whole debacle could have been avoided, and while Canadians soundly rejected a coalition government led by Stephane Dion, Canadians are also mad at Stephen Harper for his handling of the whole thing. Had the Governor General denied the Prime Minister's request to prorogue, we could now be looking at a coalition government led by the hapless Dion. We Conservatives were lucky. We Conservatives must not forget that.

This isn't to say the coalition was right, but it was technically proper. And while I don't agree with taking power via procedural wrangling, it was legal, and it could still occur in January. We Conservatives must not forget that.

I for one, do not welcome new Liberal/Socialist/Separatist Overlords, and would prefer to see the Prime Minister make a honest effort at reaching out towards the parties. Obviously we will not agree with many of their ideas, but there is common ground to be found with the Liberals. Even now the government is considering stimulus packages that are not very Conservative.

The mere act of publicly reaching out, and find this common ground will neutered the coalition. If the Conservatives don't act properly, and turn all partisan again Canadians may well support a coalition under Iggy. Public opinion polls have a Liberal party under Iggy very competitive with the Conservatives.

The Prime Minster must take responsibility for his actions. That is what a leader does. The Prime Minister must lead from the top, and set the tone of parliament. With a new Liberal leader (and by accounts a strong leader), we will not be blessed with an absent opposition.

Take aways from this whole debacle:
1. Don't be partisan all the time.
2. Consult the opposition on issues that have the potential to severely weaken, or even destroy your opponents.
3. Govern with all Canadians in mind.
4. Try to find common ground with the opposition parties. Be public about this, perhaps invite the opposition leaders for a weekly meeting to discuss the budget preparations, make sure the media knows about it.
5. Not everything has to be a wedge issue.

And for the record, I for one want to see the Liberal and other parties survive, a single party system is not democracy.

And yes, I am still a Conservative, but we must learn from our mistakes so we don't repeat them. The path to our majority lies in earning the trust of Canadians, and despite the public's reaction to the coalition, we didn't earn any trust from Canadians.

Oo-la-la MSM recognition

I decided it wasn't worth braving the drive home just yet, I figure I had better wait a bit to let the traffic thin and the blows to clear the roads. So with nothing better to do I decide to Google "imrightasrain" as see what was out in the wild.

I found some interesting links, and neat referrals, but one of the last search results I clicked on is the holy grail for almost every single blogger in the known universe. That's right, mainstream media recognition.

I think I feel my head swelling.

A blog that promises crusty, intelligent, insightful, right-of-centre venting. That's a lot of promises. See for yourself whether they're kept.

I am not sure how I missed this in ultra-election mode, but there it is, my blog mentioned in the mainstream media as one worth watching.

Whomever wrote that CanWest article thought it was worth watching, so what does everyone else think? Does this blog make you think? Do you agree with what you read? Do you disagree? Is it informative, or dismiss me as a crackpot? I know I am pretty partisan at times, but I am also not afraid to bash on the Conservative party from time to time either. So, let me know how I can make this blog a better and more interesting read.

Conservative Fundraising: Getting Pathetic

I am starting to get sick of getting these emails every few days. And this email annoys me for its petty partisanship, and willingness to drive wedge issues home. It is time to stop thinking like this, and time to start thinking collaboratively.

From the email:
We need to drive that wedge home and convince Canadians of all political stripes that this Coalition does nothing but weaken our nation.

It seems that the Conservative brain trust considers the coalition is a wedge issue, whereas it is really a trust issue. The Prime Minister must reach out to the opposition parties and make an honest effort to bring the best of their ideas into the budget. We must honestly try and work together.

I agree with removing funding from political parties, I agree with not spending 30 billion on a stimulus package until after we see what the Americans and other G20 nations do, I just don't agree with how this was all done.

Stéphane Dion has resigned as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and by extension, of the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition. In yet another stunning and unprecedented demonstration of Liberal contempt for our democratic rights, they've decided to appoint a new leader in his place.

Not only was the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition not elected to govern this country , but the person who would become Canada's Prime Minister wasn't even the leader of a federal party during the last election and may not even be elected by the Liberal (or any) party's membership .

The Liberals have decided to parachute Michael Ignatieff into the position of Prime Minister, and one thing is clear: Canadians didn't elect this coalition to form a government , and they most certainly didn't elect Michael Ignatieff as Prime Minister .

The Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition would be a disaster for Canada's economy, and for our democracy.

Canadians need and deserve an elected government and a Prime Minister that will focus on the economy. In these uncertain times, that is the number one priority.

Please follow this link to make a donation of $200 or $100, and help us spread this message to Canadians. We need your help now to crack the coalition and put a stop to the political games in Ottawa before the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition do even more damage to our democracy.

Cracks in the coalition are already starting to show. Members of the Liberal Party are already acknowledging that the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition was ill-conceived, undemocratic and potentially ruinous for Canada. We need to drive that wedge home and convince Canadians of all political stripes that this Coalition does nothing but weaken our nation.

Make no mistake: Stephane Dion, Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe will continue to do whatever it takes to force their coalition into power. From day one, the Liberals' backroom coalition has been nothing but a naked power grab.

Please follow this link to make a donation to help us crack this coalition and send the message that a democratic, duly-elected government will put Canadians' priorities first.

Yours Sincerely,

Doug Finley
National Campaign Chair
Conservative Party of Canada

P.S. – The Liberals were rejected by Canadians at the ballot box to govern this country – as were the NDP and Bloc. They are trying to seize power by making backroom deals and parachuting in a Prime Minister who didn't even lead a party at the last election. Please make your emergency donation now and help crack the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition.

What if all car reviews were like this?!

I thought it was time to lighten up a bit and have something funny. This, is funny. Watch, you won't be disappointed. I hope my next car can hit the beaches with the Royal Marines too! :)

I wonder if the cup holders in my car is the perfect size for smoke grenades?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tired half-truths

CAITI-ONLINE is running another tired old piece about the letter Stephen Harper sent to the Governor General way back in September 2004.

I have only two things two say about this blog post:
1. It was only a letter, not a signed agreement, all three parties would have had to work issue by issue to pass a budget or or bill. It wasn't a signed agreement promising anyone anything. And even in that case, I still think that the GG should dissolve parliament and have an election.

2. How come when Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe have a press conference there is a row of Canadian flags behind them, but when Dion, Duceppe, and Layton sign an agreement there are only two flags well off to the sides?

Liberals just don't "get" Democracy

There is word that the Liberal Leader Stephane Dion will step down as the party's leader as early as today. This is good news for the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party was understandably gun shy about showing external divisions after the Chretien/Martin debacle a few years ago, and were very eager to show solidarity and rally behind their leader. With Dion, this was surely a case of the "Peter Principle" if there ever was one.

With Dion on his way out, perhaps as early as today, perhaps as late as this Wednesday Liberals must be salivating at the prospective of rebuilding their party, and continuing on their long and arduous "renewal" process. But this process is about to hit a massive speed bump, a speed bump named Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff's supporters have proposed that the Liberal leadership race be accelerated, and to have the Liberal caucus choose the next leader of their party. What an affront to grass roots democracy, and the will of the Liberal Party members.

The Rae camp says that choosing a leader behind closed doors is not the right move for the Liberal party.

I never thought thought that I would agree with Bob Rae, and I certainly never thought I would hope that Bob Rae wins the Liberal leadership contest. Michael Ignatieff is just another Liberal entitled to his entitlements, he doesn't want to face the members of the party that he holds so dear, he doesn't have the courage to fight a leadership race. He simply wants to be anointed, so he will be able to assume the head of the "natural governing party of Canada". He wants his crack at being Prime Minister. I wonder if his views on the coalition will change if he wins the leadership race, assumes the leadership, and gets another chance to throw the Liberal/NDP/Bloc's ill conceived coalition in the electorates faces and assume power through outdated constitutional means instead of through the electorate.

Bob Rae at least has the idea, one vote per party member. Though his desire to push the coalition through by any and all means to assume power simply makes him as well, yet another Liberal entitled to his entitlements.

Mr. Dion appeared to be open to changing his mind about defeating Mr. Harper's government, saying that a “monumental change” on Mr. Harper's part would alter that.

That phrase angered some Liberals, who began shouting at Mr. Dion, accusing him of not going far enough, according to a caucus insider. That is when Mr. Rae approached the microphone, telling Mr. Dion that even “monumental change” was not acceptable.

Mr. Dion appeared shocked, the insider said.

So plus one for Rae's views on one member, one vote, a big minus one hundred for his desire to punish Canadians with his separatist coalition for having the audacity of voting for a party other then the Liberals. Bob Rae apparently doesn't understand how democracy is supposed to work, if the government works with the opposition parties, then it behooves the opposition parties to work with the government in a honest and fair way.

Of course I am really not sure why Rae is going to campaign so hard for the coalition, a coalition that is not popular with electorate, a coalition that is fracturing the Liberal caucus, he is simply using the coalition to galvanize his base, and act as the rallying cry for his supporters that are in the left side of the party. Or perhaps to drive home the point that the NDP and Liberals should merge and become one party. And Canadian's don't really want Rae as the leader of the Liberal party, with only 22% of Canadians supporting Rae as the Liberal leader, you really have to wonder what is going on in that once proud party. Rae could lead the Liberals to an even worse showing then Dion with his rock bottom popularity, and his fanatical desire to shove an unpopular undemocratic coalition down the throats of Canadian voters.

Hmmm, on reflection, Bob Rae for Liberal leader does indeed seem like a good idea.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm with Steyn

Mark Steyn has written a pretty insightful commentary on the media's response to the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

The veteran British TV anchor Jon Snow, on the other hand, opted for the more cryptic locution “practitioners.” “Practitioners” of what, exactly?

Practitioners? As in practitioners of terror? What the heck...

Why is the media and pundit-o-cracy so afraid to call a spade a spade? Islamic terrorists is a bad word, so we call them militants, or gunmen. But a Jew is ultra-conservative?

Accidental my butt.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The GG has agreed to prorogue Parliament.

The Governor General has agreed to prorogue Parliament.

Interesting times.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Party that wants to run Canada?

Can't even shoot a video in focus, nor deliver it on time. Pathetic.

Here is the article, and here is the time line pasted for convenience.
  • 6:15-6:30 - The Liberals miss their promised deadline to deliver Dion's statement to the television networks.
  • 6:40 - Liberals arrive with a single tape at the press gallery in Ottawa. They were supposed to deliver two tapes: one in French, one in English. They arrived with a single tape in DVD-minicam format, which is not broadcast quality.
  • Shortly after 6:40 - The Liberals decide to run back to their offices -- a block away -- because the French portion of the tape needs another edit.
  • 7:05 - Liberal staffers are still in their offices as the networks go to air with the Harper address.
  • 7:07 - Harper's statement finishes and network anchors are forced to kill time as they wait for Dion's address.
  • 7:10 to 7:15 - Liberal staffers arrive back at the press gallery on Wellington Street with a DVD-minicam player that they had taken from their own offices, along with the associated cables. There is still only one tape, not two. A press gallery official tells the Liberals that the gallery is not the feed point and an argument ensues. The Liberals ask why they weren't told that earlier. The feed point is next door at the CBC building, which is the long-established feed play point for all network pools. The Liberals are informed that they need to be walked into the building by authorized staff.
  • 7:20 - English network anchors are still live on television, wondering where the tape is. CTV has still had no communications from the Liberals about Dion's address.
  • Approximately 7:15 - CBC receives the tape and begins dubbing into French and English versions. This takes about 10 minutes.
  • 7:28 - CTV decides to go off-air and back to regular scheduled programming at 7:30. CTV has still not seen a feed of the tape.
  • 7:28 - CBC incorrectly punches out the finished feed only to their network.
  • 7:30 - CTV signs off broadcast at scheduled time.
Some interesting quotes from the article as well....emphasis mine.

"I'm told that (Bloc Quebecois Leader) Gilles Duceppe ran into Mr. Dion in the elevator and asked 'What the hell happened?' and Mr. Dion said, 'We're not used to being in opposition," Fife said.

"I apologize for what happened tonight. I apologize for the poor quality and the lateness. I am livid and am doing an investigation as to how this happened,"

And when you tank the economy thanks to your socialist buddies will you hold an investigation as well?

Rally for Canada.

Brilliant Lefty Logic

Ed Broadbent says:
"I have no doubt that is how they see it in the short run, but we are doing what should be done in a parliamentary democracy," he said.
It has almost never been done at the federal level before, and not in living memory despite many minority governments. I wonder why.

Hey, I remember back in 2006. Some of analysts were wondering if Paul Martin would try and cling to power by attempting a coalition with the NDP. They were wondering this because they felt the concession speech was a long time in the making. The Liberal representative said something along the lines of, "hell no, Paul has too much respect for democracy for that to happen".

"They're trying to turn a serious economic situation into a political crisis. We will say we objected because there is a serious economic situation for Canadians."

The opposition's proposed economic stimulus package, Broadbent said, contains similar measures to ones planned by U.S. president-elect Barack Obama in the wake of the global economic crisis.

True, we are differing on how to deal with it. Though, we are NOT in recession yet.

"Other countries are doing it and we should be doing it here," he said.

Haha, brilliant. Mr Broadbent, I used to have respect for you. So because other countries are doing something we should to?

I guess Canada should have gone to Iraq after all, other countries did. I guess Canada should stay in Afghanistan, other countries are.

Sad logic indeed.

The Liberal Party of Cowards

The Liberal Party of Canada is comprised of sniveling, conniving, cowards. Remember, in the last session of Parliament they abstained, were absent, or had most of their party missing 43 times. They didn't have the courage of their convictions then, they didn't have the courage to face voters then, and they don't have the courage to face voters now.

That's right, they lost the election but feel they are right. They say 62% of Canadians are behind them despite polls not supporting that. They don't have the courage to take their coalition to the people, the people they claim to have a mandate from.

The Liberals are Cowards.

(And yes I am aware of the irony of having an anonymous blog. But, I am not claiming to represent the people of this great country in order to take control.)

Parizeau's Predictions

I have been calling this coalition the "Coalition of Usurpers", but perhaps it should be called the "Architects of Canada's Destruction" instead.

"Parizeau predicted in 1991 that the Bloc would create a chaotic "Italian-style parliament" in Ottawa, a place so dysfunctional that it would help lead to the breakup of Canada."

Of course this how coalition government will really annoy the West, and cause a lot of people in central Canada pain as well. All this will cause great satisfaction to the separatists.

The talk show hosts are all talking about how the vitriol against Quebec has ramped up significantly since this coalition was announced.

This coalition is causing great harm to this country, why can't the NDP and the Liberals see this?

"Reducing taxes doesn't put money in people's pockets"

Above, that is a direct quote from CTV's Craig Oliver. This interview is pure drivel, he is incredibly biased and almost disrespectful to the Minister of Finance.

He is also an obvious Obama lover, saying why are you more like Obama. Obama is doing this, Obama is doing that.

The Minister of Finance was calm, serious, factual, and respectful. Oliver tries to bait him on multiple occasions.

It was a pretty shameful interview, and it aptly shows why I hate watching CTV's Question Period. Not just bad theme music, but biased hosts. I suppose if Craig Oliver wants to get involved in politics he should run for office.

Wednesday Morning Haha

Thanks to Motivational Photos for the laugh.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finally, a poll about the "Coalition of Usurpers"

About time, their has been a poll finally released about this whole debacle. The results are pretty mixed bag, with some good, and some bad.

First the bad:
  • Support for the Opposition coalition: 37 per cent
  • Only 35 per cent saying the party should continue to govern and 40 per cent wanting change
  • A full 75 per cent thought the government should implement a stimulus package as soon as possible
Now the good stuff:
  • People wanting to hold a federal election: 32 per cent, with 24 percent not sure (OK this could break bad)
  • 57 per cent agreed with the statement that they were "worried about the Bloc Quebecois becoming involved in the federal government."
  • 64 per cent of Canadians across Canada said they would be uncomfortable with Dion as leader of the government (this includes 60% in Ontario)
  • 48 per cent sent thought the parties should rely solely on their own fundraising
Some interesting results.

As for the 75% that want an immediate stimulus package, well, they are the electorate, but perhaps if the Conservatives explained why they are waiting that number would drop. I would assume the Conservatives are waiting to introduce a stimulus package because they want the finance department to be very sure on what they are investing in, the returns to be expected on this, and the impact on the budget.

Not even the coalition of usurpers knows what will be in their stimulus package other then 30 billion.

How Canadian Democracy Really Works

A.k.a the real world.

Another open letter to all coalition supporters. This is a slightly expanded version of a post I made on the original of this topic.

First off, to all of you who will call me names, I know exactly how the government is supposed to work. I have known since grade 4 history. Yet, you forget, that there is a strong difference between theory and real life. This is pretty typical of left wing supporters. I mean, Communism is an ideal system of government in theory.

In Canada, people vote for the Prime Minister and the Party. That is not what they are supposed to do or how it's supposed to work, but that is what they do. This is a fact you must admit, it's the truth.

That is why pollsters ask questions like
"Who do you think will make the best Prime Minister?"
  • Stephen Harper
  • Stephane Dion
  • etc
They do not ask this question
"Who do you think will make the best Prime Minister?"
  • A Conservative MP
  • A Liberal MP
  • etc
Also, this is why when the party leader changes, the new party leader seeks their own mandate. Just like Paul Martin did. Just like Kim Campbell did. It is tradition that the new party leader seeks their very own mandate. This is because they know that they do not have a mandate to govern, their predecessor did. This is why (well one of the reasons) that Paul Martin held the election in June of 2004, after only 3.5 years of majority rule.

If Harper loses the confidence of the house, the house should fall, and the Governor General should dissolve it. We have another election. That is the only option.

Every single time (only once was it refused back in 1926) in the history of Canada, when the PM advises the Governor General to dissolve the house, the Governor General has done so. Whenever the Prime Minister has requested the Governor General to prorogue parliament, the Governor General has done so. The Governor General acts on advice of the Prime Minister.

Think of it this way, what would you say if the Governor General refused to ratify a bill legalizing marijuana that passed both the Senate and House? She refuses to sign it into law as she has serious misgivings about the message this law's passage sends to the youth of this nation. Technically it is within her powers to not grant Royal Assent, would you agree to this? I wouldn't.

If your majority is as popular as you think it is, then it should be no problem to win the election, right?

Oh, so now it's the "Coalition for Change"

I guess "Coalition for Canada" isn't good enough for them anymore. Or perhaps they couldn't get the Bloc to sign onto the name. Gee I wonder why. They should change their name to the "Coalition of Usurpers", it would be more accurate.


The "Coalition of Usurpers" are now starting their own PR war, with two known websites at this time. You can see them here and here.

Now, how much will this cost us? Well, according to the FP, at least another billion to Quebec. It will also through a lifeline to the Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois.

Even the sovereignty movement can put up with Stéphane Dion as prime minister of a coalition government in Ottawa if it means an additional $1 billion in equalization payments for Quebec, Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois said last night.

Tabernak indeed.

Canadian Labour Congress Launches Ads in Support of the Coalition

By Tuesday afternoon, the Canadian Labour Congress countered, coming out out with a series of 16 radio ads supporting the coalition and calling for Canadians to attend rallies to show their support for the proposed new government.

Is this even legal for a 3rd party to advertise like this? To be honest, I don't know. But are we really surprised that a union is backing this deal? Unions that back the NDP. Unions that stand to get lots of tax dollars out of this....

To all coalition supporters

Repeat after me:

"You do not have a mandate"
"You do not have a mandate"
"You do not have a mandate"
"You do not have a mandate"

What? You say, We don't have a mandate? 62% of the electorate voted for us you right-wing numskull. Go drag your knuckles elsewhere.

Actually, that would be wrong. Zero people voted for this coalition. People voted for either the Liberals or the NDP to form government, not for the Liberals, NDP, and for all intents and purposes the Bloc to form government together. But hey, if you are so sure about the righteousness of your position, take it to the people. That is what responsible coalitions do, that campaign on them.

You're not afraid of the electorate are you?

Cracks in the Coalition

Bourque is reporting that Iggy is having second thoughts, and perhaps more shocking, 15 opposition members are ready to break ranks and if necessary sit as independents.

Insiders are telling Bourque late this evening that "at least 15 opposition members are ready to break ranks and, if necessary, sit as independents. This group includes Dryden, Tonks, Bevilacqua (from Grits) and Angus (NDP)". Bourque is also hearing that "at least three Bloc members are considering same course of action and there maybe at least two Tories thinking of going the other way (as independents)

Ralph Goodale refuses to endorse Dion

Ralph Goodale has refused to endorse Stephane Dion as Prime Minister. On CTV Newsnet he was asked point blank if Stephane Dion was the "right man for the job". Goodale's response was to only talk about Dion's constitutional rights as leader of the opposition. In other words, complete bafflegab when a simple "Hell Yes" would have worked. A key Liberal doesn't even support Dion.

Of course, in this same segment, Ralph Goodale also called the Conservatives liars. Outside of the House. Perhaps someone should sue him for slander? Goodale called the Conservatives liars about their statements regarding the Canadian flag and the signing ceremony between Dion, Layton, and Duceppe. Goodale said there were flags at the ceremony. Of course the Conservatives never said that there were no flags at the ceremony, they said there were no flags behind the three leaders during the ceremony. I guess Goodale doesn't just not listen to the Canadian people.

Rally for Canada.

Stand up for Canada

Stand up for Canada - Let the people speak

Two months ago, Canadians elected the Prime Minister with a strengthened mandate to address the global economic crisis.

Now, a Socialist-Separatist-driven coalition is attempting to overturn the results of the last election and impose a Prime Minister that Canadians rejected.

The Socialist-Separatist-driven coalition is:
  • An attack on Canada - Separatist participation and a Separatist veto on national decisions
  • An attack on Canada’s democracy - Canadians resoundingly rejected Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister
  • An attack on Canada’s economy - The Liberals themselves called the NDP “economically-damaging”.

Canada’s Government will use every legal means possible to:
  • Protect Canada - No Separatist Participation and No Separatist Veto
  • Protect Canada’s democracy -No imposition of a radical new Government without the people’s consent
  • Protect Canada’s economy - No economically-damaging agenda for the country

During a global economic crisis, Canada needs leadership. Canadian leadership. There can be no Socialist-Separatist-driven coalition without the people’s consent.

It’s time to Stand up for Canada.

It’s time to Let the people speak.

Contact Info for the leaders of this Coalition:

Stephane Dion
Phone: 613-996-5789
Fax: 613-996-6562

Jack Layton
Phone: 613-995-7224
Fax: 613-995-4565

Contact Info for the Governor General:
Phone: 613-993-8200

(Sent by my MP)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bye Bye Ms Minority Governments

Today, the Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc have banded together to oust the democratically elected government of Canada. Sure it's constitutional, but it's not right. The people already voted 42 days ago and Harper was re-elected.

They simply didn't like the results of the last election.

But, think beyond just the hapless Conservative government, think about the future. We now have a precedence for the opposition parties to overturn the results of elections. If they don't like the results then they can band together and defeat the winner of the election.

How will this make Canada stronger? Make our democracy more vibrant? The opposition cannot overturn the results of the election.

In this case, all the opposition parties hated Harper, they couldn't say one nice thing about him. So now the opposition parties get to play their politics and let us know that we the people are not worthy of deciding who should form government. Only their great progressive minds can judge our fate.

Ouch! Hoisted on your own petard

Well it seems like a done deal now, the Conservative government will fall the first chance the opposition gets. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives could be regulated to the opposition. They have no one to blame but themselves, or perhaps more accurately, Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty.

Of course this doesn't seem so brilliant or savvy now. But who could have predicted that the opposition would grow such a large set so quickly.

The Conservative's only hope is that the Governor-General will keep with tradition and act on the advice of the Prime Minister. That is, not exercise her (technically) constitutional powers and instead keep with tradition and only act on advice from the Prime Minister.

Will she side with tradition or side with the opposition in their blatant attempt to subvert the will of the people whom voted in the Conservatives with an increased mandate only 40 or so days ago. The Governor General doesn't have to ask for Stephane Dion to try and form a government, in fact, unless the Prime Minister requests it she will be violating long standing tradition and ignoring the advice of the public service, and of course past Liberal governments.

"Governor General do retain their right to use the Royal Prerogative in exceptional constitutional crisis situations[6], though the Canadian public service has stated that such actions may lack democratic legitimacy amongst the Canadian populace coming from an unelected institution. Liberal governments, for their part, have long adhered to the view that the Governor General does not have the right to refuse dissolution from the prime minister"

Stephane Dion only received 28% of the vote, and now due to backroom deals he will be Prime Minister of this country.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The utter destruction of the Left

The Conservatives are dealing a massive body blow to Canada's left wing parties, perhaps even their death blow.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will slash almost $30 million a year in public funding for federal parties, in a move that would save taxpayers' money but deal a major financial blow to opposition parties, CTV News has learned.

Good for tax payers? Good for democracy?

For each party on the left, this hand in the public trough represents the following percentages of their actual fund raising:
  • Bloc Quebecois: 86 per cent
  • Green Party: 65 per cent
  • Liberals: 63 per cent
  • NDP: 57 per cent
If Stephen Taylor is right, it could be even worse.

It is apparent from these numbers that these parties cannot reach out to the public in any meaningful sense, they cannot inspire their supporters to support them, all they can do is dupe Canadians into voting for them to stop the Liberals, or the Conservative hidden agenda, or to pretend to have a separatist agenda. That is hardly inspiring. That wouldn't get me to fork over my hard earned, overly taxed cash.

It's absolutely brilliant, a massive attack on their political enemies all wrapped up in the guise of being fiscally responsible in the face of the "global economic uncertainty". It will also have the great benefit of delaying any election as no party but the Conservatives will be able to fight another election.

Brilliant. Savvy. Ethical?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Trade - Good for all

The Harper government has made good on another one of its commitments, that is to increase ties with Latin America. Canada now has a free trade treaty with the government of Columbia.

Free Trade is one of the cornerstones of western capitalism, and I hope we continue to expand our free trading zone around the world. This will only make us more resilient to downturns in the American economy.

Of course, I hope the Americans (and in particular Obama) to take note of this development and realize that shutting down free trade between Canada and the United States to appease protectionist interests would do nothing but harm everyone involved.

Free trade increases the economic output of the involved nations, free trade is a good thing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

McGuinty Thinks we are Stupid

I haven't been posting much lately, it has been busy at work. And its a good thing too, we are hiring people and growing fast, and I am pretty glad to be working there in these uncertain economic times. I am working hard, and am quite tired, I was actually on my way to bed, but stopped to catch a news story or two. That is when I read this.

Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday the "modest restrictions" will include a zero blood-alcohol limit for all Ontario drivers aged 21 and under and escalating sanctions for young drivers who speed, starting with a 30-day licence suspension.

Suffice it to say, I am not interested in sleep anymore.

Modest restrictions? Modest restrictions?

They are treating grown adults, with full licenses differently from other grown adults with full licenses!

"We owe it to our kids to take the kinds of measures that ensure that they will grow up safe and sound and secure, and if that means a modest restriction on their freedoms until they reach the age of 22, then as a dad, I'm more than prepared to do that."

Modest restrictions? Oh my goodness. This is mind blowing.

I get that driving is a privilege and not a right, I do, but we cannot allow this bill to pass. To do so is to treat grown adults differently then older grown adults. Like it or not, the age of majority in Canada is 18. You are an adult at 18.

If this law was aimed at seniors, and curtailed their ability to have passengers, or to have drank and still be under the legal blood alcohol limit there would be an uproar.

But, because it is those darn teenagers, we turn a blind eye.

Of course, I know the real reason for this, and the rest of the stupid bans McGuinty has been proposing left,right and centre. McGuinty thinks we're stupid.

While some people applaud the above, and others bemoan the same, everyone forgets that Dalton McGuinty has taken this province, the greatest, richest province from have to have not, and back into deficit.

McGuinty has taken Ontario from have to HAVE NOT. And has re-introduced a deficit.

Of course, McGuinty was against all of these at one point of the other, but McGuinty is shifty, he will move wherever the wind blows.

You can't trust McGuinty, he has proven himself to lack morals, principles, and his word is worth nothing.

How could we have re-elected him?

Perhaps McGuinty is right, we are stupid.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We shall remember them

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Would you like renewal with that?

While I am pretty sure this has been blogged to death, I just thought I would add my two cents to this discussion.

The [Liberal] party released new rules for the leadership race on Saturday, including a large entrance fee of $90,000. During the 2006 leadership campaign, the party charged hopefuls a $50,000 entrance fee.

Also, spending by the leadership candidates will be restricted to $1.5 million each, which is far smaller than 2006's $3.4 million limit.

The price of grassroots democracy in the Liberal party is ninety thousand dollars.

This entry fee seems destined to limit the field to just the likes of Ignatieff and Rae, the only ones with the ground game and support to raise that kind of money, and run a campaign. To be honest, I am not sure how this will result in the desperately needed renewal of the Liberal party.

This will prevent a "poor" but qualified candidate from making a run at the leadership, while there are some valid arguments for this, I say it will do nothing but hurt the party in the long term. Leadership contenders shouldn't have to suffer because the party has trouble raising funds.

Liberal leadership contenders, only the elite shall apply.

A better system is to have a lower entry fee, something like fifteen thousand dollars, and instead make the entry fee to the convention something bigger, and non-refundable.

This would the leadership hopefuls to run a campaign from the start, and allow them some months to get a ground game organized before expecting to fork over a lot of cash. The contenders who fail to strike a chord with delegates, or win support can withdraw from the race prior to forking over the large amount cash required to gain entry into the convention. This would allow maximum participation from candidates but also keep the convention from turning into a circus.

The plan is still rough but I think it has merit. What do you think?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

If this is the cost of globalization

Perhaps it is time to rethink it.

The insatiable demand for scotch whisky in China, India and Russia has tipped three popular brands from the shelves of Ontario liquor stores, and likely will drive up the prices of popular single-malts in several provinces.

Johnnie Walker Green Label, Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky and Bell's Scotch Whisky will no longer be available in Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) outlets once current supplies are gone, probably by year end, a spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

If China, India, and Russia are going to cut into my scotch supplies, perhaps it is time to cut into their oil and other resource supplies. :)

Sarcasm aside, this is an example of why the LCBO is nothing but a pain in the arse.

The LCBO agreed to meet Diageo's demands in some cases, but apparently balked when it came to the three brands to be discontinued.

No LCBO, you don't have the right to decide on behalf of all of us consumers what to do. Stock the damn scotch and let us pay for it if we so choose. If we don't continue to buy it in sufficient quantities we can talk. Until then, don't decide for me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best President Money Can Buy

The 2008 Presidential elections are posed to be the biggest spending election in the history of the United States, and likely the world. Over $2.4 billion USD has already been spent in this election, luckily, there is only a few hours left for the spending.

The commercial is thought to have cost his campaign more than £2 million as the presidential election hits a record 2.4 billion dollars (£1.5bn), according to the non-partisan Centre for Responsive Politics - by far the most expensive in history.

That money buys a lot of airtime, commercials and infomercials alike. I am glad our last election was only 5 weeks long, that was long enough. I am not sure I could handle Stephen Harper, his sweater vest, and a cat or two in a 30 minute long infomercial.

Obama has raised more money, from more people then any other presidential candidate in history.

One one hand I am glad that Canada has election financing laws like we do, the three leading parties only spent about 18 million each. Even if you multiple by 10 (taking into rough account the population difference) we are still much less then a billion in total campaign expenses.

On the other hand, my libertarian streak is annoyed at the government telling people what they can and cannot with their own money. It is a touch balancing act.

So, does anyone have any opinions on this? Should private Canadian citizens be allowed to donate as much as they wish to the political party(ies) of their choice? Tell me what you think.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Canadian Forces find, destroy 680 kg of IEDs

In case most of our MSM fails to report a good story coming out of Afghanistan.

The Canadian Forces in Afghanistan destroyed about 680 kilograms of material that was to be used to make improvised explosive devices, Canadian military officials said Sunday.

The Forces' Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team destroyed about 100 IEDs, which pose one of the biggest threats to the lives of both coalition troops and civilians in the war-torn country.

Military officials say that nearly 90 per cent of IEDs and other bombs in Kandahar City are found and destroyed before they can be detonated. They say local residents are becoming more willing to report explosives when they spot them.

Props to CTV for posting this story on their website. I didn't see it on CBC's website, not surprised.

The Canadian Forces are doing good work in Afghanistan despite their naysayers. And while their are significant challenges to be overcome, there is reason for hope.

Where would Afghanistan be without our (and the world's) forces? Another failed state run by ruthless thugs intent on supporting terror and debasing human rights?

As we approach November 11th, stop and think of our forces deployed world wide, and even if you don't support the mission, be sure to support our troops.

I know that I am always proud to be a Canadian when I see a member, and I always take the time to shake their hand.

Tory Kitchener victory confirmed

TORONTO — A judicial recount has confirmed a Conservative victory in the federal riding of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Peter Braid has been declared the winner over incumbent Liberal Andrew Telegdi by a mere 17 votes.

Braid garnered 21,830 votes compared to 21,813 for Telegdi, who'd held the riding for 15 years.

The election night tally on Oct. 14 showed Braid with a 73 vote win.

However, a validated count which found errors at two polls showed Braid winning by just 48 votes, triggering an automatic recount.

Had the difference remained above 61 votes, Telegdi would have had to apply for a recount.

Now, how about that Vancouver South recount?

Democracy deserves a full recount, surely knowing the truth is worth a few days of time?

Demand a recount! Force Election's Canada to do its job.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dion like Dinner - The long farewell to a dismay failure

It can be said that yesterday's news conference marked the departure of an honest man. It can also be said that yesterday's news conference ushered in additional months of ineffective and delusional leadership by a leader who has lost the "moral authority" to lead the Liberal caucus.

I am blogging about this now as it took me a few hours to calm down after all the condescending BS that came from Mr. Dion's mouth, and of course other prominent Liberals.

Mr. Dion is delusional if he is pinning most of the blame on the Conservative's superior financial position. Mr. Dion is clearly not accepting blame for his historic defeat, even in his final weeks and months as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada he is not acting like a leader, no, he is acting like a Liberal. Defuse, deflect, and blame others.

At the end of the day, it is Mr. Dion's fault they lost the election:
  1. Mr. Dion failed to ignite the grassroots to support him, or the Liberal party, both in volunteers, and in donations;
  2. Mr. Dion failed to reform the Liberal party's donation strategy and bring it into the 21st century;
  3. Mr. Dion failed to unify the party, and bring in seasoned help from accomplished Liberal party operatives, instead relying on incompetent and unpopular supporters;
  4. Mr. Dion failed to listen to advice given by his strategists and campaign teams;
  5. Mr. Dion failed to create a compelling and moderate platform, instead, hitching the entire success and failure of the campaign on an unpopular wealth redistribution scheme he liked to call the "Green Shift"
  6. Mr. Dion failed to have the courage of his convictions in the promotion of his "Green Shift", instead burying it and not discussing it when he realized it wasn't going to sell;
  7. Most importantly, Mr. Dion failed to inspire Canadians to rally behind him, instead, he had to rely on his team to turn Liberal fortunes around. The Liberal vote has declined for 3 straight elections.
Mr. Dion has failed to take the blame, and instead blamed others. He considers his campaign performance good. I don't know what is in his koolaid.

Mr. Dion and other Liberals blame the Conservative advertising machine, instead of their policies, and their performance. He basically called Canadian's stupid, by saying that Canadians were too stupid to see through the Conservative "propaganda", he claims the "Green Shift" was an income tax cut, not a carbon tax.

When answering questions after his statement he claims his government would have been much better, and that in democracy you don't have to agree with the people, just accept their judgment. Again, he basically calls Canadians stupid. He also again links the Conservatives with the evil Americans and Australians.

I am sure the real motive behind Stephane Dion's decision to remain as party leader is a chance to have a do over at leading the Liberal's in another election. He is hoping the Government falls before the next leader is chosen, even though his image is "cemented" in the minds of Canadians.

Mr. Dion will be an ineffective leader of the opposition as he is a lame duck, and his best MPs will be crisscrossing the country on their own leadership tours. Be prepared for lots of Liberal MPs to come down with the democratic flu.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mayor Miller breaking election laws?

Matt from "A step to the right" as a great posting about the possibility that Mayor David Miller, the mayor of Toronto may have broken election financing laws with his "One cent" campaign.

It may be worse then Matt suggests.

A third party may spend up to a total of $150 000 nationally on election advertising. Of this amount, it may spend no more than $3 000 in any single electoral district. For by-elections, the maximum is $3 000 for each electoral district.

Based on my reading of that, the total spending limit for Mayor Miller would have only been 66,000 dollars, not 150,000 dollars. Big difference.

What I don't know, and perhaps when of the readers can let me know, what is the time span that the limit covers? Is it only from the day of the writ drop to the day of voting?

I want to say the entire costs would count, but they don't count for actual advertising for the federal parties so perhaps it doesn't.

Does anyone know?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dalton McGuinty refuses to rule out deficits

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty sent a strong signal his province will be slipping into deficit as he joined fellow premiers today for an emergency meeting on the economy.

Mr. McGuinty ruled out raising taxes and said he would be very careful before cutting spending programs on services. He suggested running a deficit is no longer a lethal toxin to Canadian politicians.

Typical Liberal. Can't make the hard decision to cut spending, he would rather spend future generations money to save him the pain of making a real decision.

Dalton McGuinty raised spending as soon as he entered office, he kept raising spending while claiming the deficit was higher then expected. Dalton McGuinty didn't balance the books until just before an election.

But, Dalton found lots of money for his friends.

One could easily argue that deficits are never good, but, I will say that deficits to keep infrastructure, education, and health are not too bad. Deficits because you don't want to cut pork and maybe lose a few votes are bad.

Premier McGuinty, grow some.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goodale throws his hat into the ring

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale has thrown his hat into the ring to become the interim party leader when Stephane Dion makes it official tomorrow at 2pm.

Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale is pushing hard behind the scenes to line up caucus support to become interim leader if Stephane Dion steps down Monday, party insiders say.

I don't quite understand why anyone would lobby hard to become interim party leader of the fractured, demoralized, and bankrupt Liberal Party of Canada. Your entire mandate is to be a placeholder leader, you can't make policy, you can't really make tough decisions, and you will be constantly attacked by the Government and other opposition parties as being a weak leader as you whip your caucus repeatedly to not vote and bring down the government.

Mr. Goodale is not interim leader material, he is a uni-lingual anglophone, and very partisan. The interim leader should be general seen by all opposition parties as an accomplished MP, and respected for your impeccable qualities, and credentials. The interim party leader must general been seen as impartial to all leadership contenders, and not overly belligerent with the other opposition parties or the government as when the new leader is chosen, the party may have been boxed into certian policies based on the actions of the interim leader. The interim leader cannot create new radical policies, and cannot do anything to cause the party to be boxed in and attached to a certain set of policies that maybe overridden by the new leader.

Bill Graham was an effective interim because he was generally regarded by everyone in the house as a moderate, effective MP.

Both McCallum and Goodale backed different contenders in the last leadership race, both of these contenders will run in the next one, they are considered the front runners. Having an interim leader that supported one of the contenders in the past is a recipe for another civil war.

Wait, what am I thinking? Yes, go ahead and appoint either of these MPs. Neither are good enough to be actual leadership contenders, both arguably have hidden agendas, and both apparently have an incredible desire to move into, and then move out of Stornoway. Appoint of either of these could cause an interesting civil war in the party and allow the Conservatives to continue to implement their agenda.

We live in interesting times indeed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This May not be democracy

Where wonders never cease, Dion's biggest promoter Elizabeth May has called for a grand coalition of the NDP, Liberals, Bloc, and Greens in the next election in-order to prevent a Conservative victory.

That's right, Elizabeth May is another Margret Atwood. Tabernak!

May has described the coalition as one where Greens, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois would carve up seats according to the candidates most likely to defeat Conservatives.

I really don't understand Elizabeth May, for a party that claims to eschew the status quo, that is committed to doing politics in a new way, an open, transparent, and democratic way, she really likes her backroom deals.

I can't believe that Ms. May is actually proposing that backroom divvying up of seats is more transparent and democratic then our first past the post system?

Someone needs to teach Ms. May about democracy.

Oh, and as a surprise, Ms. May also had this to say about Stephane Dion:
She ended with a rousing defence of Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

"I think we may very well in the future describe him as the best prime minister we never had."

Is it any wonder that their are serious questions about her leadership.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is the cost of a Conservative Majority?

About 45 million dollars. That culture cut was ill-timed, and cost the Conservatives a lot of seats in Quebec. That cut alone allowed the Bloc to regain their lustre and attack the Conservatives. I am glad that where the Conservatives won seats, they usually had pretty stellar margins of victory. The beachhead is secure.

I am pleasantly surprised by the Conservative results from last night. We did better then I had hoped. It was surprising to see the Quebec seats hold despite all the naysayers, and good to see some big gains in Ontario, especially the 905 area.

Newfoundland was a disappointment, but really, what could you expect. Danny Williams got his wish, and proved that he is the small man of Confederation. I am not aware of any Premier ever doing this before. Newfoundland now doesn't have a voice in government, all because they wanted special treatment.

I had said earlier that we needed to pick up 15-20 seats to make this election worthwhile, we made that. With 16 additional seats you could say that each additional Conservative seat cost the taxpayer $18,750,000. Money well spent to avoid the economic ruin that Dion and Layton would have caused.

And I would have spent 50 million to see that shameless self-promoter Turner go down in defeat! Boy I am glad he did! That made my night, I was awaiting the counting of ballots in my poll when I read that news on my Blackberry. It was a good day.

A big thank you to all volunteers!

I just wanted to send a big shout out to all the volunteers from all the parties across all the ridings for your help in making democracy work.

Without the help of thousands of volunteers across this great country, our democracy would be much weaker.

I would also like to thank the thousands of Election Canada works in all the polls across all the ridings. Until last night I had no idea what the extent of your job was, and how difficult and tedious it was.

Again, a big thank you to all the volunteers and all the works across all 308 ridings in this great country.

Monday, October 13, 2008

This Election: A waste of time?

Some bloggers disagree with my assertion that this election should be considered a waste of time, effort, and money if it results in a parliament that has about as many Conservative MPs as we have now.

If the Conservatives pick up an extra 15-20 seats then this election can be considered a victory for us. If the Conservatives pick up less then that number of additional seats then it has been a bit of a waste of taxpayers money. Note, I didn't say failure.

It has been said that Stephen Harper's hidden agenda is the total destruction of the Liberal Party of Canada and the placement of the Conservative Party of Canada as the natural governing party of Canada. The reality of the situation is that the Government of Canada's coffers should not be used for partisan purposes. If the only purpose of the election was to further drain the Liberal's weakened coffers, and force another leadership race on them then shame on the Prime Minister. This is no better then what the Liberals did to us for years.

300 million dollars is a lot of taxpayers money to spend in order to force the Liberals to spend 18 million they don't have, and to force more leadership debt on their key players.

Of course in reality the situation is much more nuanced then this. First off, we all know the the opposition parties would have forced this election on us anyway, at a time of their choosing, a time where their partisan interests would be served. Heaven forbid that the Liberals would vote based on their principles. Secondly, this election does give the winner a new mandate to pursue their agenda, this alone is very important.

So in the end I accept that we had this election even though I wish the Prime Minister had of kept his word and forced the opposition parties to vote the government down. I know that this election has strategic implications above and beyond getting a new mandate, however I can't help but wonder if our wish of principled and pragmatic conservatism wasn't sullied a little bit by ulterior motives.

In the end I will work hard to re-elect my MP, I will work hard to encourage my friends and family to vote (hopefully Conservative), and I will pray for a Conservative victory.

I know that should the Liberals win, or somehow convince the Governor General to allow a coalition government to be formed, our way of life, our economy, or futures will be put at risk. Our economy, our middle class, deserve all the help and protection we can muster.

Both nation newspapers endorsed Harper, and most of the significant newspapers around the country have endorsed Harper. That alone should tell us that we are on the right track. Thought most have commented on our hyper partisanship.

We are indeed better off with Harper, but we would be better off still with a government that was a little less partisan, and a little more conciliatory. It will help us get our coveted majority.

Patiently waiting for a Liberal apology

CTV News reported Monday that two audio experts, hired by the Liberal Party of Canada to analyze the tape, found that "the recording cannot be shown to be complete."

You can hear Mr. Richardson discuss this report here.

Last week the Liberal party tried to make a lot of hay from the first expert's report that significant portions of the tape had not been altered. They used that first report to call Stephen Harper a liar and insinuate that Harper cannot be trusted.

Now that the Liberal's own expert has come up with an contradictory opinion, one that fully backs the Prime Minister's position will Stephane Dion stand up and show leadership for his or his minions shameful attacks on the Prime Minister?

Somehow I doubt it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dion the typical Liberal

Chooses himself over his party. If Dion loses this election, and let's be honest, it looks like they will, Dion promises to fight to stay on as the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

While this is likely good news for the Conservatives, it is horrible news for the Liberal Party. Stephane Dion was almost no ones first choice as leader. When he was elected the leader, half the Liberals in the room turned on their heels and left.

Dion is not a leader, if he was a leader he would step aside for the good of the party. It is like his French citizenship, he would only renounce the citizenship if it would hurt his electoral prospects. By Dion staying on as Leader of the Liberal Party, he will start another civil war.

Dion's strident tone may raise eyebrows in Liberal circles where private reaction to his campaign performance has typically ranged from tepid praise to hand wringing. Dion, a political scientist and former professor of public administration, has a reputation for tenacity and a mile-wide stubborn streak.

Of course as a Conservative, I welcome this war, it will allow Harper to govern as if he has a majority even if he doesn't. However I do think it shows Dion's lack of judgement, integrity, and sense of good for the party he professes he loves.

Stephane Dion is not a leader.

May be, but May be not

We are perhaps only hours away from the complete endorsement of Dion by May. This was predicted by many weeks and even months ago.

May has sold out her party, and her candidates all so she can be appointed a Senator to sit in the still hypothetical Dion cabinet as the Environment minister.

She has told her supports to vote for anyone but the Conservatives and the Greens in 60 ridings across Canada. How very pathetic. How progressive of her.

There should be a law against two party leaders colluding like this. It basically allows the Liberals to circumvent election financing laws.

Does anyone know what the Green Party's position is on the senate?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tories look to win at least 129 seats

Counting the projected and leaning ridings as projected here, I get 116 (plus or minus a couple) ridings in the win column.

This is a far cry from a majority. It looks like we will get the status quo.
  • BC - 21
  • Albert - 27
  • Sask - 13
  • Manitoba - 8
  • Ontario - 47
  • Quebec - 6
  • NB - 3
  • NS - 3
  • NFLD - 1

Starting to look like 300 million down the drain with nothing to show for it, of course the final poll has yet to come.

Mike Duffy isn't despicable for telling the truth

Andrew Potter says Mike Duffy is a despicable human being. I guess reporting the truth makes one despicable. Andrew Potter is being dishonest with himself and his readers.

The question was simple, "If you were Prime Minister today what would you have done differently then Harper?", this is paraphrased, but the gist is correct.

The question wasn't very difficult, surely getting it explained once would have been enough for Dion, a wannabe Prime Minister. No, it was asked 3 times, even his aides got involved to try and explain it.

Was it Dion's "hearing problem"? The problem that hath no name? No! Accepting Dion's explanation a few weeks ago, it only affects him when there is a lot of noise and other conversations going on, in this case for this interview there was no other noise in the room.

The question was simple, the question was asked several times, the question was explained. Was it an issue with Dion's grasp of the English language? Maybe, but again, he had no problem in the debates, nor scrums.

It is NOT his grasp of English, nor his hearing problem. It is his grasp of economics. This interview showed once and for all that Dion's attacks on Harper are all bluster and no policy. Dion's plan to make a plan is pathetic, he will create jobs. How? When? What kind? Stephen Harper has created 107,000 jobs in September alone, I doubt Stephane Dion can match that anytime soon. Unless he opens the public's purse and hires everyone to work in the public sector.

And even if it was related to Dion's sometimes shakey grasp of the English language, it still doesn't reflect well on him. I know many francophones that say his grasp of English disqualifies him for the top job in Canada. Francophones that live in Quebec. Proud Francophones. I even defended Dion's grasp of English to them, explaining that his grasp of English has no affect on my decision, and it shouldn't on yours either. But that was before this.

If these gaffes are related to his command of English, then Dion needs to be held to the same standards as our public sector employees.

Of course if we were questioning Harper's ability to speak French the media would not be so forgiving. Being an unilingual anglophone disqualifies you for the top job, being a unilingual francophone has no such restraints.

Typical double standards.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dion thinks we are stupid

The video speaks for itself. This has nothing to do with his command of the English Language, and nothing to do with a supposed hearing problem.

Listen to it yourself.

He was asked a clear question, and he didn't give a clear answer. Dion talked about is 30/50 plan, which has nothing to do with his supposed economic plan.

Dion clearly showed that he had nothing new to add, that despite his bluster, he has no idea what he would do if he was in Harper's place.

He had no idea, this is because Harper has done all that can be reasonably and prudently done.

Tories solidify lead in Ontario

The Conservative slide appears to be over, all the polls are showing a national lead for the Conservatives, even in vote rich Ontario.

A wide-ranging poll of Ontario voters by The Strategic Counsel for The Globe and Mail/CTV News finds the Tories enjoying a five-point lead over the Liberals in the province, erasing a five-point disadvantage from the 2006 campaign. But the increase still wouldn't provide the Tories with the seats needed to reach a majority. Conservative Stephen Harper will either have to find more seats outside Ontario or convince even more of its residents to vote for his party over Thanksgiving dinner.

These gains are not enough for a Conservative majority, but the Conservatives and to to a lesser extend the NDP are poised to pick up a few seats, the Liberals will lose seventeen seats.

Amongst visible minorities in the 905 area the Conservatives and Liberals are tied for support. This is significant as the Liberals have historically owned the visible minority vote three to one.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conservative support has bottomed out

It looks like the Conservative support has finally bottomed out around 33%. This is pretty darn low, and depending on the regional breakdowns and vote splitting either a Conservative or Liberal minority government.

Even with the following support, here is an electoral project.

May calls for strategic voting

This really isn't a surprise to most people that actually follow politics. It was predicted months ago that this would happen.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, obviously May doesn't believe her party actually has policies that will benefit Canadians.

Who wants to bet that if May wins her riding, and the Liberals fear-monger their way into power the May becomes Environment minister? As either a Liberal or Green Party member, or perhaps a Senator.

This endorsement by one federal party leader to another federal party leader is unprecedented in Canadian politics. I wonder what the average Canadian will think of this?

Any die-hard Green supporter was likely going to vote strategically anyway.

Canada rated world's soundest bank system

So, what will Jack and Dion say to this?

Canada has the world's soundest banking system, closely followed by Sweden, Luxembourg and Australia, a survey by the World Economic Forum has found as financial crisis and bank failures shake world markets.

The NDP and the Liberals, scaring the bejesus out of Canadians one false predication at a time.

And, lets not forget about Canada having the fastest growing GDP of the G7 nations. And yes, this includes such countries that already green shifted.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EKOS Numbers STILL Hold

The numbers from EKOS are still holding for the Conservatives. This is positive, but the rest of the pollsters still show some relative strength for the Conservatives.
  • Conservative 35%
  • Liberal 24%
  • NDP 20%
  • Green 11%
  • Bloc Québécois 10%
But Nanos is not reflecting that, at least not yet.
  • Conservative Party 33 (-1)
  • Liberal Party 29 (-2)
  • NDP 20 (+2)
  • BQ 11% (NC)
  • Green Party 7% (+1)
  • Undecided 15% (NC)
And now, Harris-Decima, nationally, over the last four nights:
  • Conservatives 31%,
  • Liberals 27%
  • NDP 20%
  • Green Party 12%
  • BQ 8%
The only significant difference between EKOS and Nanos is in the Liberal and Green support. How do we explain the difference? They are both daily tracking polls over three days, the only difference is the EKOS uses a much larger sampling size. Nanos has the best track record.

All three are daily tracking polls, the EKOS has the biggest sample size.

So, who do we believe?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

EKOS numbers hold

I am not sure if the Conservative support has bottomed out, or something is seriously wrong with their polling, but EKOS is the only polling company still showing any significant lead for the Conservatives.

The Liberal pundits like to hold up Nanos and say since they are a tracking poll, they are the only ones that have their pulse on the electorate. Of course EKOS is also a daily tracking poll.

“As we have been saying for several days now, although we continue to see some modest shifts in public opinion that can have quite large effects on the distribution of seats due to our first-past-the-post electoral system, the underlying pattern is one of relative stability – with the parties in the same order now as they were at the beginning of the campaign,” said Graves. “And each night that passes, voters’ are hardening their decisions.”

We're better off with Harper.