Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is being proud to be gay?!?!

I call this indecent exposure!

I wasn't there, but the first Google search for Pride 2009 pictures yielded me these shocking examples. I wonder if these proud people were arrested for indecent exposure?

I mean, what the hell is this? I sure hope they are wearing sun screen.

If those pictures were shown in a movie, it would be R rated. This is a double standard plain and simple.

Pride 2009 tries to make this event a family friendly event!

Family Pride celebrates Pride Week 2009 with a rich and exciting line-up of events for everyone in the family on Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28 from 11am - 6pm.

Family friendly?!

Let's look at these pictures again! How can any responsible person take their children to this parade? There is nothing wrong with the naked human body per se, but I don't won't my children to be exposed to a stranger's naked body as they walk down the street. You want to walk around naked in your house, go for it.

This is awful, plain and simple.

It is time to take back our country, if you don't want filth like the above displayed for all to see during a parade then you had better donate your time or money to a party that will fight to prevent this sort of despicable display, a party that will fight for real honest to god family values. For me, today, this is the Conservative Party of Canada.

Their is nothing wrong with being gay. There is nothing wrong with gays and lesbians marrying. I mean, why can't they be just as frustrated and unhappily married as the rest of us heterosexuals.

There is however something wrong with parading through downtown Toronto naked, and getting away with it because you are gay, or celebrating gay pride week.

This whole event sickens me, but of course you know our favourite kooks were in attendance during this parade, that's right, Jack, Olivia, and Lizzy. Standing up for real Canadian values it seems. I know I gather my family around the kitchen table discussing real issues like: "Why the hell can't people parade down the streets of Ontario's capital naked?" Way more pressing then actual issues like how to make the streets safer, or how to re-jig the EI system so that it is fair and transparent for everyone across all the regions of Canada, or even how to not bankrupt Canada via stimulus spending.

Now somehow, I, or the Conservative Party will be made out to be bigoted and racist, pricks that have a big hate on for gays and lesbians, and nothing could be further from the truth. I have no problem with gay pride week, I have a problem with naked men regardless of orientation parading through downtown Toronto.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iggy has quite the tar-baby here

So, the Leader of the Official Opposition, Michael Ignatief has himself quite the tar baby here. And yes, any left-leaning readers out there, I am not being racist, rather referring to the sticky situation Mr Ignatieff has himself in.

What is this situation you ask?

If the Liberals side with the Bloc and NDP to bring down the government, this will put the brakes on any as of yet unallocated stimulus money making it out the door. I am not sure what this will do for any already allocated funds.

If Ignatieff pulls the plug because "the evil heartless Conservatives are not getting the money out the door soon enough" he will be adding a delay of at least 2 months to the process. Also, the Conservatives will hammer the three oppositions parties throughout the election campaign about putting the brakes on the "much needed" stimulus money.

The Liberals will also be hammered as opportunistic, as they head for the polls because they smell weakness in the Conservative polling numbers. The Conservatives will hammer the Liberals over this as well.

If the Liberals vote with the Government on the ways and means motion, the NDP and Bloc will hammer them about supporting the Conservatives. Though I wonder if that really means anything. The Bloc are irrelevant outside of Quebec, and the NDP are mostly irrelevant all over Canada.

The NDP are likely maneuvering to embarrass the Liberals here, as I am not sure if they will do well in this election with their numbers down, and Liberals measurably stronger with their new Leader. The NDP are hoping that my prediction will come to fruition.

My predication is that the Liberals will resort to Dion tactics, that is, loudly denounce the "heartless Conservatives" yet develop a case of the democratic flu when it comes to the actual vote. Either the whole party, or just enough members to ensure the Conservatives carry the vote.

What do you all think?