Tuesday, February 24, 2009

McGuinty Strikes again

When the heck will Ontarians wise up and stop voting this idiot in?

In McGuinty's latest outrage inducing moment, he once again governs only by regulation. This is the only way Dalton knows how to govern, by introducing retard legislation.

The bill is so bad it's laughable. Energy Minister George Smitherman claims that the new regulations will create 50,000 new "green" jobs. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but this job creation is born on the backs of joe the taxpayer. The Ontario government is creating an artificial demand for a new trade.

I personally have little faith in the numbers of this bill, by their own admission the numbers are scant (as in non-existent), but the Ontario Liberals claim they will create fifty thousand new jobs, and hydro costs will be kept to only a 1% increase despite 5 billion in upgrades ordered.

This is a magical farce.

The government is not in the business of creating an artificial demand for an industry. If people are worried about the energy efficiency of a house they are about to buy, they can make the energy audit a pre-condition to sale and hire an auditor. This is just like how it works for home inspections if someone is worried about the roof or the foundation. What is difference?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who is Prime Minister Graves?

There seems to be a bit of a typo here:

See the full list of pictures by clicking here.

I wonder if someone will spin this as an insult?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Warren targeting Shaidle?

Seems so, with a blog all about hauling her in front of the HRCs. Is she a racist? Is she annoying? Is she a pink bunny? I don't really care, whatever Shaidle's shortcomings may or may not be, hauling her (or anyone) in front of those kangaroo courts is just asking for disaster.

How do I know that this blog is run and maintained by Warren Kinsella? Well, I don't but there is an interesting post where he refers to himself by his own name.

"frankly, Warren, I haven't spent any time on this yet today...I haven't put mind to it yet at all." So if Steve wasn't in on this decision, who was?"

Now I have absolutely no idea about the laws on this, but calling someone a racist on a public forum could open you up for all sorts of nasties, at least I would think.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Liberals honour a traitor

"I am extremely pleased to extend greetings to the Métis Nation on Louis Riel Day. While this day has special significance to the Métis people I believe it is a day that all Canadians can partake in and celebrate the life and legacy of a person who played a central role in forming this country. The decision to proclaim Louis Riel Day is a positive step for all in Canada to honour our aboriginal history and shows that out of tragedy can come hope.

As we seek to have a fuller understanding of the past, promote a just present and ensure a prosperous and inclusive future, the importance of what Louis Riel tried to do for the Métis Nation and the country takes on a new relevance and provides us with important lessons which must be heeded.

The prosperity we enjoy as a nation is not complete unless all our communities are able to contribute and partake. Louis Riel Day is a testament to Canada’s rich cultural fabric but also a reminder that there is much left to do. "

Iggy is "extremely pleased" honour a murder and a traitor. Fantastic. While the Plains of Abraham re-enacted is canceled, we get to honour a person who launched not one, but two rebellions against the Canadian Government.

What a great Canadian he was, he murdered people, took up arms against the Government, fled to Montana, stumped for the Republican Party, and tried to fraudulently induce British subjects to take part in an American election. In today's political correct land, he was a hero and a Father of Confederation.

Such a great hero that Michael Ignatieff sends out press release commerating him.

A two billion dollar day off

What is the price of Dalton's McGuinty's "compassion"? Roughly two billion dollars according to the CFIB. That is the price tag of the so called "Family Day".

You remember "Family Day" right? That's the day that Dalton McGuinty bribed voters with so that the little weasel could get re-elected. Well, that and a disastrous performance by the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. John Tory. Why is he still around again?

That's right, in this time of the slowing economy, Premier McGuinty thinks its OK to add further financial burden to the backbone of our economy, small and middle size businesses.

In a sliding economy, the numbers are a nightmare.

"It may cost a bit less than $2 billion but that's a lot of money," said Judith Andrew, vice-president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

"And it's the small- and medium-sized businesses that take the blow," she said. "If they (small businesses) close, their income is hit and they still have to pay employees. But if they are open for business, they have to give employees premium pay. Many can't afford it, especially in these tough economic times."

No one thinks about small businesses while making policies, said Andrew. "It's money off their back; extra costs that are being thrust on people. People will either not get time with family or pay dearly for it. We didn't need this complication."

For the mid-sized company I work for, the cost in salary alone is 20,000 dollars. And this doesn't account for the lost revenue, overhead costs, etc. All these costs add up on the bottom line, and the more they add up, the higher it drives our costs, and the higher our costs, the less competitive we become on the world stage. Being less competitive means we get less business, less business means less jobs. Less jobs means a higher drain on the social safety net of Ontario.

And all this so that roughly 70% of the works in Ontario can have an extra day off, that's right, not everyone in Ontario gets the day off.

So enjoy your McGuinty Day, and when you have to pay more for the same, hopefully you will point the finger where it belongs.

Vacation is important, time off is an important aspect of a health work/life balance which will increase productivity, but let's be sure to balance this against the costs to the economy. Most people already get at least 2 weeks of holidays plus the 8 statutory days off. Many people get more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quick thinking kids indeed

You can read the story here.

Someone should push that man in front of a train. And thanks to the Good Samaritans who helped as well.

Joaquin, are you goofing on Andy?

Hey Joaquin, are we losing touch? Or perhaps somebody was just on the moon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What has this world come to?!

We have all heard of the story of the restaurant owner being hauled in front of the HRC. Well, it seems he lost, in every single imaginable fashion. Continue fighting and racking up lawyer bills, or lose his liqueur license. Fun choices.

Thank gawd we have the HRCs to protect the rights of the misunderstood medical Cannabis users with a sense of entitlement.

I mean, who wouldn't want to defend such a lovely guy who says such lovely things as this:
“But I don’t like a lot of smells either,” he said. “I can’t bare to stand near some chicks, they’ve got so much perfume on, let alone some ethnics that I don’t like the smell of that much.”

Hasn't he just singled out an identifiable minority for ridicule? Isn't a statement like that against the rules?

Maybe someone should take him to the HRC.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Snivelling little snots

Erik Millet, the N.B school principle that thought not airing the National Anthem was more inclusive is now snivelling about his future.

Erik Millett, who returned to Belleisle Elementary School on Monday, admits in an interview with CBC News that he is now questioning his own future at the New Brunswick school or even in teaching following the anthem controversy.

He received a lot of hate mail over his misguided decision, some of what was likely way over the line, and that is inexcusable. However the hate mail he received doesn't vindicate his bone headed decision to stop playing the National Anthem.

"There are many ways to demonstrate one's patriotism or one's love for a country," he said. "The anthem is one, flying a flag is another, volunteering in your community is another. I would argue that teachers and staff at my school, caring for children to make sure they don't go hungry or don't go cold or have all they need to learn, that is being patriotic.

To Mr Millet, doing his job is also patriotic. Sure flying the flag and volunteering, is patriotic, but doing their jobs looking after the welfare of the children in their care is what they get paid for.

As for the misguided, and perhaps slow parents that objected to the word God in the National Anthem, I say a hearty suck it. Accept it, or leave. Most countries have a god mentioned somewhere in their anthems.

When I was a kid, the non Christians simply left during the Lord's prayer, and got a day off of school for the Christmas pageant. They never once complained.

Minority rights shouldn't be to the exclusion of all others. As long as we are not forcing another religion on anyone, we should be able to say Merry Christmas, have Christmas pageants, and Easter eggs.

Canada is a Christian country, founded on Christian beliefs. Modern day Human Rights came about in Christian countries. Most countries where human rights abuses are rampant are not Christian. Perhaps this is a coincidence?

By the way, I am not religious, don't practice religion, didn't even get married in a Church or by a priest. I am not a fundie, just someone tired of watching Christians get the shaft. I guess it is because they turn the other cheek.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Political Correctness hits Lowel Green

And another blow to freedom of speech.

There is a difference between a saying "its not a few radicals" and everyone. The violence in the name of Islam is not perputrated by a few radicals. It IS perputrated by a minority, but it is a sizable minority. You could say that minority would be larger, or even a majority when you consider the number of Muslims that don't publically condemn, or otherwise take actions against the supposed "few radicals".

An h/t to kate at SDA.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

78% of Liberals are crooks

Or something.

A few reasons for this infrastructure spending statistic:
  1. For years the majority of infrastructure money and public transit money went to the cities.
  2. Most ridings outside of the Island of Montreal and Toronto are Conservative ridings, ergo, the majority of the landmass.
  3. Perhaps the small towns are able to move faster to get the money
  4. Conservatives trying to pay down the rural infrastructure debt caused by the Liberals?
  5. Goverment MPs and ridings always get more/bigger slices of the pie
There is 36+ billion more to payout, let's see what happens with the rest, there is plenty of head room for this to equal out. 

CBC tries hard to make Duffy look bad

Follow the link:

Leading questions, interviewer trying hard to get the answer he wants, don't worry, he finally does. 

Danny Williams is a blow hard.