Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ontario, Quebec say they won’t shoulder oil sands burden

Quebec and Ontario are not "going to carry higher emission-reduction burdens", but will of course continue to soak up the equalization payments that the oil-sands projects generate for the Canadian economy.

Thanks hypocrites.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More truth about recycling

After a researching the benefits of recycling a few years ago, I realized that there was little benefit to recycling most of what we actual do recycle. I found out through research and talking to people the following things:
  • Much of what we recycle ends up in landfills anyway for lack of a buyer
  • Plastic is particularly bad to recycle, as it is almost impossible to make high quality plastic from recycled plastic (I talked to an actual plant manager of a plastics factory)
  • It costs millions of dollars to run these programs
  • Most businesses don't recycle, they are not part of the curbside programs. The same goes for apartment buildings
I realized, that for the most part, the curbside recycling programs are only socialist wealth transfer systems. More low-skilled jobs for people. Most of the jobs are probably unionized as well. I realized that plasmafication instead of incineration is likely the way to go. An example of this technology is being built in Ottawa.

Now we have another article with more experts, making most of the same points above, saying recycling is nothing but a shame. Somehow I am sure, the leftists will say that these experts are not experts at all. No, they are merely shills of the land waste industry, fossil fuel industry, or the mob. They don't want to hear the truth.

Whenever I read another article about this, I always think of the Penn and Teller episode on recycling. That was a good watch.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's next, boycotting Remembrance Day?!

Once again, the Opposition parties have shown how out of touch they really are. How petty, how mean, and how disgusting they are. They claim the high ground, they claim (with some reason) that the Conservatives are mean spirited and petty. And then they go and boycott the non-partisan ceremony yesterday marking the 20th anniversary of the Dec. 6 l'Ecole Polytechnique massacre.

They claim it is because they can't stand beside a Minister that represents a government that has "rolled back the fight for women's equality and safety". They specifically argue that the Conservative policies of abolishing the gun registry, and the reduction in budget to the Status of Women program.

It is of course all a crock.

Liberal and NDP MPs voted with the government to abolish the gun registry. Does this mean the Liberals and the NDP are anti-women? The gun registry would do nothing to protect women in an event.

The reduction of funding to the Status of Women program was not a reduction in funding to women's programs in general. In fact, the Conservative Government took that 5 million from the SoW, and an an additional 5 million and put that into other women's programs that are aimed at directly serving women, such as a programs aimed at integrating immigrant women in major cities.

The odd thing is that 14 parlimentarians and staff including NDP MP Libby Davis, and Liberal MP Judy Sgro placed white roses in vase to represent the 14 women gunned down that fateful day. No Bloc MP bothered to show up at all.

Simply disgusting politics, I am sure somehow Warren and others will blame the Conservatives for this.