Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canadian Blood Services gets it wrong

It is discrimination.

A gay man is no more likely to engage in risky behaviours then any other man. It is not the bad old days of bathhouses where homosexual men had to hide their behaviour from their friends, bosses, or even spouses.

Perhaps we should ban young people from donating blood.

What does it say about Muslims....

If they promised violence is response to the threat of burning copies of the Qu'ran? Remember the violence sparked by the printing of the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad?

A religion of peace?

I guess that freedom of expression extends to those burning the United States' flag, and shouting "Death to America", but NOT to the burning of a book.

And also ponder, when was the last time the burning of a flag, or a bible, or some other symbol of the West resulted in increased terror levels and riots throughout the world?

Just saying....