Sunday, June 27, 2010

G20 Violence and More

I started writing a comment on LibLogs blogger Blunt Objects blog about his stupid, childish, and immature post titled "Fuck you, Harper".

Since it has been months since I last posted, I decided to respond to the post here.

Volkov, you're a blogger who tries to parlay profanities as intelligence. You bring what should be honest and passionate debate to a new low. You are one of the reasons why political discourse is so dysfunctional in Canada. Political commentators should be civilized and intelligent. We can disagree with each other without naming calling and profanities. This goes for all bloggers, including me.

I know in my younger blogger days I said some stupid and immature things.

And to those bloggers, analysts, and commentators that think the summit should have been held offshore, or in the remote wilderness, I have one word for you, appeaser. You do not think through your arguments. If you host summit in the wilderness, you basically say that we as country cannot guarantee security for our visitors.

What does that say about us as a country?

If you host your summit in the middle of the ocean, what serves as the focal point for the protesters? Instead of one big protest you will likely end up with smaller protests across the country.

Furthermore, by hosting your summit in the Arctic you deny a protest avenue for peaceful protesters looking to be heard. People have the right to meet where they want. Protesters have the right to _peacefully_ protest and be heard. However, no one has the right to destroy anyone else's property.

This is what happened this weekend. The so called "Black Bloc" took over the labour movements (and others) protest. Sullying their peaceful protest message with the anarchists message of violence.

I for one want to live in a country where anarchists are dealt with quickly, and peaceful protesters get to sing and chant to their hearts content. In my Canada, peaceful protesters deserve that right, and violent protesters go to jail.