Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trudeau doesn't need help with childcare.....

.......unless he is getting his nannies paid for by the state.

It is completely hypocritical for Prime Minister Trudeau to have the government pay for his nannies. He campaigned on the premise of him being the rich, and not needing taxpayer help for paying for childcare.

Once elected, his tune changes.

To be clear, these are the same nannies he had before he became Prime Minister,so why now does the taxpayer have to foot the bill?

To juxtapose, the Harper's didn't hire a nanny, Mrs. Harper looked after the children when her husband was elected Prime Minister.


Jen said...

Justin will do as he pleases with whom and how he pleases, and no amount of whining or writings on twitter or blogs will change his mind for any of us. The muzzled media ordered not to say a word.

What we need is reporters to bombast him and his party with questions and not take no for an answer. For example,
Justin uses PM Harper statements as his own is when the reporters go on his case
"how is it that you are using PM Harper's statement and not your very own.

Justin blamed the Harper government on many thing yet he re-uses Harper's as his own bellowed and announced by the media.
The items PM Harper did and gave to the Aboriginal People which the liberals ignored for years. The reporters who truly care, have to remind the liberals every time of their, liberals, mess to Canada military, transfer payments and so on.
The failed Canadians for decades and not a single reporter dare mention it to them. WHY? WHAT'S THE FEAR. Are the reporters afraid of the liberals? The most CORRUPT PARTY IN CANADIAN HISTORY.


Alain said...

Jen, I agree except for one point. The so-called media are not in the least being muzzled. They, more than anyone else or anything else, are responsible for what I call a soft coup to install the corrupt Liberals. Yes, in a real sense it was a coup, accomplished by lies and relentless anti-Harper propaganda for the past nine to ten years. It finally had its desired effect on the majority of low-information voters. Arrogance and the feeling of entitlement to tax payers' money never left the Liberals even though they lost their place on the gravy train for a few years.