Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to get back on the horse.

I guess it is time to get back on the old saddle around here. I have been gone way too long, and with the events of the last few months I really feel I should get back to blogging.

To be honest, it was hard to be motivated to support the last Conservative Party, with the negativity, hate (barbaric cultural practices hotline??), and frankly, small-mindedness.

That being said, I just cannot fathom this rock star persona around Prime Minister Trudeau, and the left's giddy behaviour with regards to him.

I understand the desire to change. I understand the hope he purports to bring. I cannot understand the people posting to Facebook about his, or his wife's looks. Posting his glamour shots, being proud of having a "handsome" Prime Minster. It smacks of sexism.

Nor, can I stand the free ride Prime Minister Trudeau gets from the press, examples like

  1. Equal gender cabinet, where nearly all the women are second-tier Cabinet Ministers, or reporting to men. And if we want to be honest, there are only a few more women in PM Trudeau's cabinet then there were in Stephen Harper's. 
  2. A dubious Science Minister shilling a decidedly non-scientific MS cure.
  3. The free ride he is getting on explaining why we shouldn't bomb ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But have more trainers.
  4. Explain how we will screen the refugees, to ensure security. Or why we should bring in twice as many as the Americans.

That is just four, I am sure I could come up with more if I really tried.


Ward said...

My gosh another "conservative" blogger who hated the Harper government based on media talking points.

Perhaps they could have named the hotline the battered muslim women hotline instead? Would that make it more palatable for you?

Conservatives tried to shine some light on the issue, and because it reflects badly on the multi culti narrative the media likes to help spin for the left - Harper was demonized.

As for negativity and small mindedness - I saw that in spades coming from the left and the media (same).

You are about to witness small mindedness writ large, along with a true hidden agenda.

Hope you're happy when Trudeau signs away our national sovereignty in Paris.

But at lease the big fat meanie Harper will be gone.

Dalwhinnie said...

I received considerable flack from the some conservatives for expressing my discontent with the Harper regime. It is not enough to be largely right on issues, unfortunately, as Harper was. Harper was leading a soul-dead, intolerant form of conservatism that promised nothing and did little. His abuse of the civil service was needless, and did no good for the conservative cause. Moreover he took the heat for being conservative when he really failed to use his power appropriately to turn Canadians away from their statist habits and love affair with the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Gee, just what we need, another fair weather conservative just like good old Fred over at Gay and Right. Actually we don't need either one of you.

AnonymousCoward said...

@Ward, who said I hated the Harper Government? I said it was hard to support it. Perhaps I should say, "Oh gee another con partisan who cannot self-reflect on why we lost the election".

And they are not media talking points, these are real issues. The Conservatives owned the face veil issue, and had the public on their side. The jumped the shark with the barbaric cultural practices hotline. It smacked of racism and intolerance. We do not need yet another government hotline for reporting crimes, we already have one. It is called 911, or the local police station. For battered women there are many additional hotlines that can be called. It is NOT the RCMP's job for this.

Unlike you, I am not a blind partisan. I supported the Conservative Party even in this election, but really found it distasteful. Since I am able to form my own opinions, I do not expect to find a single party that suits all my particular thoughts, it is just the Conservatives in general match better then the Liberals or NDP.

No do I expect nor desire a touchy, feely, selfie taking Prime Minister as many on the left seem to need. You do not need to be a selfie taking machine to still present a positive vision for Canada.

Anonymous said...

old white guy the only living conservative in Canada I can understand why you did not care for the harper conservatives. you followed what you were told by the media. too bad. I came to the conclusion on my own that liberal lite just wasn't conservative enough for me, but I still voted conservative.

AnonymousCoward said...

Love the amount of introspection here....if you didn't like everything about the Harper government you must be a weak minded liberal-light sucking the hind-teat of the media.

Maybe this sort of echo chamber bullcrap is why the Blogging Tories blogroll has fallen on such hard times. Way less content then the "good old days", and the blogroll itself seems to be not maintained.

Anonymous said...

"An RCMP tip line will be established that citizens and victims can call with information about incidents of barbaric cultural practices in Canada or to notify authorities that a child or woman is at risk of being victimized."

Yeah that's so damned racist. How dare the RCMP reach out to victims of crimes or potential victims of crimes and say that there are resources available and we will support you. It was about the RCMP saying we care about these kinds of crimes and want to put a stop to them.

Clearly the messaging on that was cooked up by the same guy who brought you the pooping puffin but it wasn't nefarious. I hope you stick around and maybe talk about what specifically you'd like changed in the party without starting with "To be honest, it was hard to be motivated to support the last Conservative Party, with the negativity, hate (barbaric cultural practices hotline??), and frankly, small-mindedness.".

AnonymousCoward said...

Anon, there is already a hotline for reporting crimes, it is called 911. The "hotline" was clearly targeted to play on small-minded people's fears of "brown" people.

Negativity - Attack ads, attack ads, attack ads. Way too much partisanship in the house, partisanship in the branding.

Hate - barbaric cultural practices hotline. The whole name itself is racist.

Small-mindedness - muzzling scientists, picking fights with other levels of government. Boutique tax cuts. Dividing people into groups, and targeting specific groups.

Other parties do some of the above as well, but that is not the point.