Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Liberal Desperation?

On the way into work today I heard the latest Liberal Party of Ontario attack ad on the radio. You can watch it below.

Outside of the fear mongering and outright lies (who knew that firefighters were provincial and not municipal), I was shocked by the begging and pleading for a strategic vote from the Liberals.

I don't remember any other ads from political parties asking for strategic voting before. I have heard special interest groups advocate for strategic voting, I have heard leaders and candidates imply that strategic voting was the right thing to do at campaign stops, but I do not remember anything quite so blatant as below.

Has anyone else?


robins111 said...

Guess they haven't quite figured out that firefighters are municipal hires.. not affected by provincial changes..

Anonymous said...

Just more lies,false hoods & miss information from the libs...Times must be getting tough...Steve O

AnonymousCoward said...

I am guessing their internal polling is really bad.