Thursday, December 10, 2015

Liberals need to funnel money though Canada Post again?

Continuing my Canada Post theme tonight, I think we all really know why the Liberals are calling for the resignations of the thirty-three recent appointees. And it is not just because the Liberals are entitled to their entitlements. Well, not just because anyway.

As some of you may remember, crown corporations like Canada Post were found to have participated in Adscam by funneling money through questionable means

Could the real reason the Liberals are so bothered by the appointments be that they need to replenish their war chest for the next election? After all, it was a long and costly campaign.

What do you the readers think of this theory?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........if it hurts the average Canadian taxpayer the liberals are all for it.

lee woo said...

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