Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Liberal broken promise?

Looks like door-to-door service will not be restored for those who already have community mailboxes. And the minister wasn't categorical about not re-starting the community mailbox roll-out program either.

Though, if one was to be fair, if they re-instated the community mailbox program it would be a least the right policy decision (though another blatant example of Liberal's promising anything to get elected).

Regarding the whole community mailbox program, I always thought the whole hoopla about it was overblown anyway.

Here are the facts:

  1. Every neighbourhood built post 1985 had community mailboxes. That is a lot of neighbourhoods.
  2. Canada Post services more area then any other postal service in the world
  3. The phase-out of door-to-door service affected less then a third of the addresses in Canada
  4. It costs 283 dollars per year to service each address door-to-door. This is versus 108 for a community mailbox.
  5. The amount of items mailed (not including parcels) has dropped by over a billion since 2006
  6. A Conference Board of Canada report suggested that Canada Post was on track to lose a billion dollars a year by 2020, with the switch over to community mailboxes projected more then half that yearly deficit
The Conservatives are supposed to be the ones against change, and yet here are the Liberals promising more of the same.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure next election the posties will campaign against the liberals ha ha ha yeah right. to the radio said...

Just dig up the old Liberal Red Book from 1993 to see how many promises they keep when in power.